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Evaluation and Survey Development


We regularly hold trainings at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence that guide you in developing Strategic Impact Maps, creating surveys, and making data driven decisions. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and join the CNE’s weekly newsletter to find out when the next training is! Sign up for CNE’s weekly newsletter.


Coalition Building

Are you seeking to better understand your capacity to collaborate?  Investigating the potential to tackle a common challenge?  Looking for advice on how to build momentum and assess progress? Partnerships for Strategic Impact™ and the Center for Nonprofit Excellence created the Action to Impact:  A Coalition-Building Roadmap designed to guide you….Click here to access the Roadmap through the CNE’s website.


Customized Coaching and Training

We customize coaching to meet the needs of your staff, and offer trainings (from 2-hours to 2-days!) for your group so your team has the knowledge, skills, and confidence to move forward. Contact us to schedule a training or ask about coaching services.

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