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Partnerships for Strategic Impact™ announces Impact Circles® for nonprofits, individual philanthropists, foundations, and corporate CSRs looking for build staff expertise and organizational capacity.

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The work, heart, and money invested in programming to lift-up disenfranchised people and improve lives is tremendous and yet never enough. Philanthropists and foundations want to maximize the return on their investments, and nonprofit staff want to do the most meaningful work. With staff passionately working overtime to engage clients and drive change, and leaders intensely focused on organizational efficiency and vitality, capturing the real impact being made in people’s lives is overwhelming and, frankly, rarely fits neatly into anyone’s wheelhouseTake the Impact-Wizard Quiz!

Impact Circles® build staff expertise and organizational capacity and provide the supportive environment needed to create, demonstrate, and communicate the impact you work tirelessly to achieve.

Lead consultants, Maryfrances Porter and Alison West bring a combined 26 years of higher education and more than 30 years championing local change initiatives across a wide range of service providers. We have completed the research, wrestled with the issues, mastered the statistics, and done the front-line work. We draw on this expertise, as well as our network of seasoned content experts, to pass critical knowledge on to you!

Partnerships for Strategic Impact™ is launching a cost-effective and efficient opportunity to engage with relevant, actionable, evidence-based information in bite-sized, easy-to-digest, confidential group coaching sessions. Sessions are designed to develop knowledge and skills. Monthly sessions and an annual commitment build confidence, creativity, and community.  You will have fun (we promise!) while growing in your ability to create and run programs that work, demonstrate impact with efficient measurement systems having the least burden on clients and staff, powerfully communicate the value of your work to stakeholders, and use data to drive continuous improvement. This is a $9,500 value!


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Each Impact Circle® is comprised of staff from 10 organizations:

  • Nonprofits are hand-selected and grouped to get the most out of their Impact Circle®.
  • Cross sector collaboratives can request an Impact Circle® to catalyze collective impact.
  • Individual philanthropists, foundations, and corporate CSRs can sponsor Impact Circles® for the nonprofits they fund.
  • Individual philanthropists, foundations, and and corporate CSRs can band together in an Impact Circle® to maximize their collective investments.


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