Need to make the most of what you have?

Partnerships for Strategic Impact™ makes the best use of the resources you already have, pulls it all together to tell the most compelling story, and leverages the expertise of your team.

We build solutions.

Tell your most compelling story.

We value clarity over complexity, and transforming data into meaningful, digestible, and actionable stories for funders, stakeholders, and the community at-large.

We write successful local, state, and federal grants to governments and foundations, white papers, public reports, comprehensive, technical evaluation reports, and comprehensive toolkits.


Tap the collective expertise of your team.

Building on the existing strengths, we guide you in identifying and prioritizing problems, setting goals, and creating clear, actionable solutions.

We provide training and coaching to build the capacity of your team. We offer anything from two-hour to two-day formal trainings, as well as individualized coaching to build in-house skills and confidence.

Whether you need a focus group, a single problem-solving discussion, or a strategic planning retreat, we have you covered! Every facilitation is tailored to your goals, the size and experience of the group, and the amount of time available.

Leverage. Evolve. Prosper.